School Summer Reading Lists

Is your teenager already sitting around bored at home this summer? If you can coax your child to the library, the Friends bookstore has gotten all the summer reading lists from the area middle and high schools. They pull them out special, so you can browse through just the books from those summer reading lists! It makes high quality stories easily available to your child.

We’ll see you in the bookstore!

Santa Clara City Library wins the CLA PRExcellence award for the second year in a row

The Foundation & Friends would like to congratulate the Library on winning its second CLA PRExcellence award in two years! They won the 2017 award for their 2016 Comic Con!

From the press release:

In September 2016, more than eight thousand visitors descended on Santa Clara City’s Central Park Library to attend the library’s first ever comic convention. Sponsored by the Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends, the comic con presented a unique opportunity for the library to highlight the important role that graphic novels, comics, and art play in inspiring literacy and creativity at every age.

In addition to panels featuring star guests like Emmy Award-winning producer of Star Wars Rebels Dave Filoni and Pixar storyboard artist Le Tang, the event offered comic-themed crafts for all ages, digital and retro gaming, and a showcase of Bay Area artists, costumers, and creators. Local businesses like Illusive Comics and Tatsu Hobby, as well as other Santa Clara City departments, came together to help the library mix education and pop culture in this fun and popular event that made the excitement of comic conventions accessible to all members of our diverse community.

We are proud to have sponsored this great event, and congratulations to the library!

Fuel your body with healthy food

Are you looking to eat healthier? Or learn how to cook better food for yourself? Check out the library’s new display of healthy eating and cooking books at the Central Park Library.

This display was made possible through a grant from Kaiser Permanente. Thanks Kaiser!

Cat rescue!

A patron’s cat made it up to the roof! The library was happy to bring this little guy back down for one of its younger patrons. (Who can resist a good story about our library performing such a good deed?)

Sign up for Summer Reading!

It’s summer reading time! Sign your child, teen, or yourself up for Summer Reading today!

Thank You Enterprise

Doron Noyman, Eliot Denoncourt, Tracy Wingrove, Hilary Keith, Lee Broughman

A huge thanks to Enterprise for donating $1500 to the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends this week! We appreciate it.

Sunset Cinema

Last Friday, May 19th, was the last spring Sunset Cinema. Approximately 300 people attended the event at Bracher Park and watched Moana. The Library, which co-hosts these events with Parks and Recreation, had a booth and handed out information about summer reading programs and made new library cards. Thanks to everyone for coming out and braving the wind and heat! 

Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends sponsor the showings that take place outside of the Libraries. The next Sunset Cinema event is planned for August 25th.

Joke of the Day

As part of youth services’ Countdown to Summer Reading, children have to tell the staff a joke. One enterprising 6-year-old made up her own.

Q: What does a hamster call a pothole?
A: A Roadent!

Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends is proud to support bad puns and the Summer Reading Program.

See all 34 Spring 2017 Grants to the Library

Every six months, we donate the money we raise to the library for specific classes and events through a grant process. Our spring grant process is complete!

What are we funding this year? The list is long, so look carefully to see what you might be interested in attending.

Adult Classes & Events

  • Seed Library Replenishment
  • Thursday Night Socials
  • Monthly Bike Fix-it Expert
  • ESL Conversation Club Materials
  • ESL Book Club Supplies
  • 3D Printer Presenters
  • Art after Dark Supplies
  • Library Outreach
  • Trivia Nights
  • Pathways to Citizenship

Children’s Classes & Events

  • Summer Reading
  • Family Birdwatching
  • Protective Covers for Speakers
  • Back to school Concert/Dance Party
  • Children’s Poetry Contest
  • Children/Teen/Adult Yoga Classes
  • Chamber Music by the Bay & Instrument Petting Zoo
  • Plant a Flower Mother’s Day Program
  • Mother’s Day Tea Party

Northside Classes & Events

  • ESL at Northside
  • Accent Reduction at Northside
  • Northside Teen Walk Down Memory Lane
  • Dungeons & Dragons
  • Northside Summer Concert Series
  • Business Professional Development
  • Bob Ross Paint Night
  • Higher Level Education
  • Entrepreneurial Kids
  • Parenting Programs
  • Northside Mock Trials
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • Improv Program
  • Auto Repair

We hope to see you at some of these wonderful programs. And please, keep shopping at the bookstore, online, and at our monthly book sales. The money we make means we can keep our library amazing!

The library has a yarn spinner (aka yarn swift)!

Pictured above: a yarn spinner.

Internet searches for a yarn spinner will bring you back information about storytellers, a programming language, spinning wheels, and Etsy listings. But this particular yarn spinner (also known as a yarn swift) will take your yarn skeins and hanks and turn them into balls of yarn. And it will do it quickly, so that you’re not spending your time making yarn balls instead of knitting.

(This website has a useful explanation of why you might want to use one.)

Come to the next knitting social on Thursday May 25th to see it in action and maybe use it yourself.