New Mission Statement!

If you don’t zealously check our website every day, you may not have noticed that we have a new mission statement!

The Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends strengthens the Library as a pillar of our diverse and thriving community through philanthropic funding, inspired advocacy and active partnership.

We’re not doing anything differently – we’ll continue to raise money to support the library, advocate for it and its programs, and partner with them in their day-to-day operations. But it’s always good to have it said well!

Introducing the Jan Lieberman Concert Series


We are proud to announce the inaugural Jan Lieberman concert! Jan is a retired librarian, and her friends and family have created a fund so the library can host a series of family-friendly concerts. The first one will be on Sunday April 17 at 2pm. It will feature duo pianists, Jack and Chris Bradshaw, performing classic and contemporary ragtime pieces.

Register today via Eventbrite, and we hope to see you there!

Celebrating New Readers

It was so heartwarming to see all the new adult readers perform on Saturday afternoon – to read things that they’ve written. We are so proud of them and all their hard work!

2016.03.12 IOOW Book Launch 9224

Winner of the writing contest, Robert H, Sr, as he read his prize-winning letter.

2016.03.12 IOOW Book Launch 9518

All of the new readers and authors!


2016.03.12 IOOW Book Launch 9210

Teresa O’Neill, vice-mayor; Shanti Bhaskaran; Kate Degelau-Pierce; Carly Sherman; and Crystal Scheel receiving their copies of In Our Own Words


A big congratulations to Kathy Watanabe, a former board member, for being named to City Council last week! She’s been a library supporter for a long time, and been involved in the community for even longer. She’s going to do a great job.

Book Sale Saturday



It’s time for our March Saturday Sale! This Saturday, we’ll have around 300 boxes of books for sale, including children’s books, foreign language books, and all kinds of music and movies. All proceeds go to support programs at the Santa Clara City Libraries!

We hope to see you there!

Our partner, helping literacy

Open Book

Y’all donate a lot of books to us. Thank you! We do our best to get every single book to a good home: either in the library or to another book lover outside the library. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, we’re unable to match that book with a buyer.

That’s where Better World Books comes in. We send them books that we can’t sell but still need a good place to be.

This short profile in Mother Earth News highlights the awesome thing about Better World: it exists to promote literacy around the world. They take books from over 900 libraries and 1600 colleges & universities, resell them, and then they use the proceeds to donate to over 80 literacy and education non-profits all over the world.

Because they sell all over the world online, they can usually sell the books we can’t. Kudos to Better World!

In Our Own Words

in our own words


Publishing In Our Own Words every year is almost a rite of passage. We fund it every year through your donations. What is it?

Read Santa Clara is the library’s Adult Literacy Program. In Our Own Words is a book of short works written by people who are in the program. We’ll celebrate the book and its authors tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. It’s super-inspiring to see the authors, who’ve put so much work into this, celebrate all that hard work.

Plus, Francisco Jiminez, professor at Santa Clara University and all-around inspiring person, will be speaking.

We hope to see you there!

We want your textbooks!


One of the most common donation questions we get is: do you accept textbooks? And the answer is: yes! We especially like newer textbooks, like the ones pictured above, but we’ll take any and all of your textbooks.

Just drop them in our donation bin by the bookstore in the Central Park Library (if you have a few), or bring them to the back shipping & donations door (if you have a lot). Donation receipts are available.

You can read our all our donation information.

New in the bookstore: recommendations

recommending books

We’ve been experimenting with something new in our book store: recommendations!

Our volunteers, as you may imagine, are readers. Everyone loves sharing their favorite books. But we can’t all be in the bookstore all the time. So we’ve created tags to put in the books to mark which ones we especially enjoyed – like you see in the photo.

This is a great way to find a new book to read!

That’s my recommendation for Redeployment – a book of short stories about soldiers in Iraq. This photo was taken awhile ago, so that one’s sold. I’ve recently recommended Lila and Five Star Billionaire as well. Recommended books sell quickly though! No guarantees that either will be there.

How to make potstickers

Chef Cory from Yan Can Cook, who donated a great cooking lesson/tasting dinner to Lollapalooza has been all over the local news lately for the Lunar New Year. Check out his latest segment!