Children’s Poetry Contest

Check out the bright shining faces of the winners of our Children’s Poetry Contest! This was one of the activities that was funded via book sales and our volunteers.

If you’d like to see more activities like this one, shop at the Friends of the Library Book Store in the lobby of the Central Park Library or visit our monthly book sale coming up on September 16!

Thanks DC!

The folks planning the upcoming Comic Con reached out to DC to ask them for some giveaways, things they could use at the upcoming event. Last week, this arrived:


Needless to say, it was WAY more than they were expecting. Thanks so much to DC! We hope to see you at Comic Con on October 7th!

Giving out backpacks and school supplies

Every year, the Family Literacy program gives out backpacks, school supplies, and books to children who need them. This year we were able to partner with Family Giving Tree to continue with the program.

These adorable girls got books.


She got a backpack and supplies for her children.


She is all ready for school!


There’s always a program when we hold these events. This particular program was about healthy eating and they read Stone Soup. A great pairing!


Additionally, we wanted to share one more story that doesn’t have a picture to accompany it. We had an extra backpack available and we were able to give it to an older sibling who was starting community college this month. She was so excited to get one that she gave our volunteer a hug!

Buying school supplies seems like such an easy thing, but it’s not for everyone. Thanks for your generosity to make sure all these kids have what they need for a successful school year!

Learning to read

So much of what we do goes toward literacy, especially family literacy. The above video shows how not being able to read affects someone’s life. That’s why Read Santa Clara is so important.

September is National Literacy Month – help us celebrate everyone’s ability to read.

Become a member of the Santa Clara Library Foundation and Friends!

If you become a member of the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends, you receive a 10% discount on books in our store and early entry into our Saturday book sales, as well as email updates on library activities. This is a great deal, especially if you’re a book store regular.

Your membership dues support our efforts to enrich lives through lifelong learning; library programs we support are:

  • Summer Reading
  • Read Santa Clara
  • ESL Classes
  • STEM Education
  • and more!

Individual membership is only $15/year, and a family membership is only $25/year. Head over to our membership page to buy yours today.

Thank you for your support!

Thanks 49ers

We want to thank the 49ers for donating a batch of tickets to the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends. A bunch of our volunteers will be enjoying tomorrow night’s game vs the Chargers. This is a fun and wholly unexpected treat!

Find us on social media

Did you know that we recommend books on Instagram? Or that we advertise our book sales on Facebook? Or that we interact with the Santa Clara community on Twitter? It’s true!

Find us on your favorite social media network – we’ll keep you up to date with what’s happening at SCCLFF!

Patio Sale Sunday

This Sunday afternoon, we’re going to have a special patio sale in front of the Central Park Library from 1pm – 4pm. We’ll have our usual amazing selection of books for you to choose from. Additionally, we got a large donation of large-format picture books, ideal for anyone who reads to a group of kids. Preschool and elementary teachers, these would be a great addition to your classroom.

We’ll see you on Sunday!


The Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends supports lots of classes and events up at Northside Library that are aimed at helping people find jobs. Check out a local copywriter who found a full-time job after attending several of those classes.

Congratulations! We’re so happy that the library is able to make a difference in people’s lives.


Book Sale on the Patio at Central Park Library

We’re having a book sale out on the patio at Central Park Library this Sunday! Keep an eye out for these red carts and our intrepid volunteers who will have books of all kinds for sale. All proceeds go to support Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends.

We hope to see you there!