Celebrating Mission Library’s 60th Birthday!

We had a great time a couple of weeks ago celebrating Misson Library’s 60th birthday!


There was yummy cake! Look at the smiles on all those faces, including Shanti Bhaskaran, Hillary Keith, Tracy Wingrove, and Keith Stattenfield.


overview with booksale

There was lots going on, including a small booksale to benefit the Friends.



This is Frances Klune, the original Santa Clara Librarian.


hula hooping

Another photo of kids having fun. How long can you hula hoop for?



There was also a reptile petting zoo. (Side note: I really love this picture and would never be this brave.)



A number of people spoke, including Keith Stattenfield, the Foundation & Friends president.



Our final photo is of a kid helper with Dante the Magician. She’s having a blast!

I hope everyone who was able to attend had a great time! We’ll keep celebrating as often as we can.

Francisco Jimenez talk!

We are super-excited to let you know that Francisco Jimenez, author of The Circuit, is speaking at the library on Monday evening! He has a new book out, Taking Hold, and he’ll be talking about that book in the Redwood Room at 7pm in the Central Park Library.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet a local author and professor at Santa Clara University to learn more about his work and his life.

We hope to see you there!

A historic walking tour of Santa Clara

Mary in front of house

A couple of weeks ago, Helen Silvera enjoyed her auction prize from the 2015 Love the Library Lollapalooza – a guided tour of the “Old Quad” in Santa Clara. Mary Hanel conducted the tour, and Helen brought along her friends Lee Broughman and Noreen Silva. Helen says, “it was a wonderful tour and Mary added to the experience with pictures and personal notes of the various owners of the houses that we viewed.”

Morse Mansion
There were many houses included on the tour, including the Morse Mansion (pictured above) and the Frank Mansion (below).

Thr Franck Mansion

It was a lovely day and a great way to learn about some of Santa Clara’s historic properties!

Save the Date!

2016 LOLL Save the Date

Our annual fundraiser is coming up on February 27th. The Love our Library Lollapalooza has a Great Gatsby theme this year – so plan out your party clothes and mark the date in your calendar! We’ll see you there.

Supporting the ESL Book Clubs

ESL Book Clubs

We are proud to support the ESL Book Clubs at the Santa Clara City Library! If you’re part of a book club, you know the struggle to find a copy – any copy! – of your monthly book. The Foundation & Friends will be buying extra copies of the books for the library’s ESL book clubs, so they don’t have that problem.

Thanks to all of you who shop at our bookstore at the Central Library, our Saturday Sales, and at our Amazon store. We couldn’t support these programs without your help!

Rotarians Lend a Hand at the Library

Rotary volunteers

The Rotary Club of Santa Clara stepped up to help us move 7,500 books to a new location last Saturday! They arrived at the Library on Saturday bright and early and in good spirits, even though the service elevator was broken. They loaded the book carts full of books, moved them to their new location and re-shelved them, keeping them in order.

  • Suresh Ojha shared, “My child learned to read at this library.”
  • Don Skinner reminisced about going to the Mission branch.  “We used to ride our bikes over to the Library when I was a kid.”
  • C.J. Grewal remembered spending a lot of time with his kids at the Library when they were young.  We used to bring them to the library all the time,” he said.
  • For St.  Justin School Principal Karen Suty, “The Library is a vibrant and important part of our school community.  Our students are actively involved in Library programs and utilize the Library on a regular basis.”

Thanks Santa Clara Rotary for all your help!

Countdown to Mission Library’s 60th Anniversary

The Mission Library will celebrate its 60th anniversary on October 17th, with an all-day program featuring a magic show, a banjo band, fun activities, crafts and more!

In anticipation, they’re hosting a series of events over the next month. They hosted Native American dancers on September 2nd:

Native American Dancer

Last weekend, it was the Ballet Folklorio Mexicano Fuego Nuevo. There were dancers of all ages (as you’ll see below) and over 140 people came out to watch.

Young Ballet Folklorio


Couple Ballet Folklorio


Dancers Ballet Folklorio


Post Dance Ballet Folklorio

There are many more events coming up over the next few weeks, including movie nights and storytelling. We hope you will join us at Mission Library on October 17th for the celebrations!

Giving back to the library and eating chocolate

Our Annual Chocolate Party was earlier this week. The Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends takes the money from our book sales, and gives a set amount to special projects to the library. We announce what those projects are to the library at the Chocolate Party. It’s a great way for all the friends, volunteers, and staff to get together to celebrate what we do!


The Chocolate Party is a potluck – and people make some delicious treats!



We had a games theme this year. Lona, our resident decorator, did an amazing job!

There are going to be lots of amazing things happening at all our libraries (Central Park, Northside, and Mission) over the next year that the Foundation & Friends helped make possible. We’ll be adding technology to the library, supporting a winter reading program, bringing STEM programs to the library, and more!


The head of the literacy program at Mission Library thanking us for funding printing the In Our Words book, writings from our ESL community.

We’re happy to have raised the money we did. Please stop by the bookstore, buy a book from us off Amazon, or come to a Saturday sale to help fund future projects!

Some summer reading numbers

2015 Summer Reading Program GrowthThe Santa Clara City Library Friends & Foundation supports the Santa Clara Library’s summer reading program. They had great growth in the program this year – 15% more people signed up, and 14% more people finished.

Additionally, participants read over 52,000 books! That’s 17 books per reader – just amazing.

Thanks to all the patrons who participated in the summer reading program!