Learning the three Vs of personal branding

Northside Library continued its year of soft skills classes with a session on personal branding with Anthony Lee. His emphasis was on introductions. His advice was: don’t say what you do, communicate your values, your vision of the world, and your vows (what people can count on you for).

If you’re interested in learning more about soft skills to help you in the business world, check out Northside’s classes and events.

Emma Kaliterna Author Event: Meet Ying Chang Compestine

Join us at the 4th Annual Emma Kaliterna Author Event!

Ying Chang Compestine

Meet Ying Chang Compestine, author of several children’s picture books, youth and teen novels, and cookbooks for adults! Her award-winning stories for children are whimsical, educational, and convey cultural traditions. A copy of one of her books will be given to the first 40 families in attendance.

Ying’s books include: The Runaway Rice Cake, The Story of Chopsticks, The Story of Paper, The Story of Noodles, The Story of Kites, D is for Dragon Dance, The Real Story of Stone Soup, Boy Dumplings, Crouching Tiger, The Runaway Wok, Revolution is Not A Dinner Party, Secrets of the Terra-Cotta Soldier, A Banquet for Hungry Ghosts, Cooking With An Asian Accent, Ying’s Best One-Dish Meals, Cooking With Green Tea, and Secrets of Fat-Free Chinese Cooking

Please RSVP at http://scclbookauthor.eventbrite.com/

Congratulations to Hilary Keith!

Hilary Keith, our City Librarian, was honored at Senator Bob Wieckowski’s Second Annual Women of the Year Ceremony on March 30. The ceremony “honor(s) courageous women who continue to make a positive impact in our community.” We know she’s a credit to the community, and we’re happy to share that knowledge with the rest of the world!

Support Federal Library Funding

If you have not yet written your congressional representative about supporting IMLS (the Institute of Museum and Library Services), please do. This funding directly impacts many libraries’ literacy and technology classes and initiatives. Read more from ALA (the American Library Association).


Reading Without Walls

Reading Without Walls Guidelines

The Library is participating in the Reading Without Walls challenge during April. This is an initiative to get you and me and everyone to read a book about a person who isn’t like them or a book in a format they wouldn’t normally consider. Stretch your perspective!

Youth Services at Central Park Library has a reading wall set up above the language books. If you or your child participates in this initiative, you can add your name to the wall! The desk in the Children’s section has booklists to help you and your child get started on learning about the wider world.

Naturalization resources at the library

Citizenship Corner - Naturalization Corner

Central Park Library hosted a naturalization information session in late March, teaching about 40 attendees what the process was to become an American citizen. The library is excited to provide Citizenship Corner – a set of resources to help our customers become American citizens. From the program:

When asked the most important advice she could give, USCIS Officer Cortez responded, “Don’t procrastinate. File for your citizenship.”

These are great resources for our community!

Celebrating Ruth Colvin and Adult Literacy

Read Santa Clara co-hosted a celebration of Ruth Colvin to help promote adult literacy in mid-March. It was a wonderful event – so heartwarming!

Ruth is 100 and is an impressive woman.
Ruth Colvin with Chairs

“Being brought up in a one-parent family during tough times, she taught me that all jobs big and small must be done in top quality, that budgets must be kept, money saved for the future, and it’s never too late to get the best education,” Colvin said. “I didn’t complete my own bachelor’s degree in college (a degree in Business Administration from Syracuse University) until I was in my 40s. Now I have nine honorary doctorates.”
Ruth Colvin Speaking

Adult literacy is such a big deal – we had a panel of 3 people who learned to read as adults, to talk about what it’s like to learn a fundamental skill as an adult.
Ruth Colvin and Literacy Panel

Ruth’s passion comes through as she signs a book.
Ruth Colvin and Learner

Here’s Ruth with City Librarian Hilary Keith.
Ruth Colvin and Hilary Keith

The Santa Clara Weekly profiled Ruth more thoroughly, and I encourage you to read that article.

We are so proud to support Read Santa Clara!

STEM Central is coming up!

I am so excited! STEM Central is coming up – a day long celebration of all things Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics – on April 29th. PLUS, astronaut Megan McArthur will be here! She’s from the area – she went to St Francis in Mountain View for high school – and lives in San Jose.

This is so wonderful! We’re all delighted that she’ll be here for the festivities.

Math classes and kits at Scott Lane preschool

A big thanks to the Santa Clara Weekly for writing up the math classes that our Literacy team is conducting!

Each family received a complimentary math kit so they could continue to help their child build math skills at home. Items inside the kit included colored pasta in different shapes for sorting, playing cards, dominoes, dice and poker chips. A total of 66 Scott Lane State Preschool families received math kits at the trainings.

Planning a legacy for the library

[She] frequently used the Santa Clara Libraries for over 35 years and believed in the freedom to read, educate, and inspire. She felt those to be human rights and knew the public libraries were a vital key in providing those resources and more. This [bequest] is her way of saying thank you for all your facility had to offer and to help ensure it can continue its vital purpose in the Santa Clara community.

This is a quote from a letter we got along with a bequest someone had made to us, and something we thought was lovely. If you are thinking about including the Library in your will or trust, please take a look at our Planned Giving information.