Sponsors ($1,000 to $4,999.99)

  • Emily M. Adorable
    Omar and Aisha Ahmad
    Jack Alotto
    Altivity Packaging, LLC
    John B. Angood
    Terry and Carol L. Austen
    Barnes & Noble Bookseller
    Bay Area Telugu Association
    Ed Blanke
    Jane and Christopher Botsford
    Chris Boyd
    Keith McLaurin and Mary E. Boyle
    Robert and June Brown
    Sandra A. Brown
    Donna R. Burdick
    Maura Burns
    Bob and Shirley J. Byrd
    Care.com, Inc.
    Chipotle Mexican Grill
    Gary Chock
    Yu-Lan Chou
    Sabiha Chunawala
    City Of Santa Clara
    Nancy Coleman and Paul Resch
    Adrienne Conour
    David and Nancy Crabbe
    Maria Daane & Chi Dang
    In Memory of Mrs. Shanti Devi
    Karen Rollin and David C. Duffy
    Emilio & Fatima Francisco and M. Alice Jensen
    In Memory of Donald F. Fuller
    In Memory of Charles F. Fullerton
    Lisa Gillmor
    Global Impact
    Richard Gourley
    Mr. & Mrs. William D. Grafft
    I. H. & Anna Grancell Foundation
    Bernhard Henschke
    Barbara Hounslow
    India Cash & Carry
    Indo American Society of Bay Area
    Irvine Company
    In Honor of Josephine Jafferies
    Jagdeesh Family Foundation
    Frank and Marjorie Johnson
    Emma Kaliterna
    Gregory and Sarah Kevin
    Hwa Kwon Kim
    Tae Kwon Kim
    Michael J. Kirsch
    Betty and Henry Kitajima
    Mr. and Mrs. Jayaramarao Komati
    Ben Koning
    Dinesh Kumar
    Las Madres Neighborhood Playgroups
    Helene Leichter
    Bea Lichtenstein
    Jan and Don Lieberman
    Lois Lenski Covey Foundation
    James Lyons
    In Honor of Molly Lyons
    Michelle Mann
    Sharlynn Mar
    Margaret Alexander Edwards Trust
    Susan Martindill
    Barry and Carol McCarthy
    Bill and Joy McCrone
    Elizabeth Megas
    In Memory of Kay Mooring
    Suzanne R. Murphy
    Muslim Community Association of SF Bay
    Judy and Jerome Nadler
    Roger Noia
    Teresa O’Neill
    Outback Steakhouse
    Neelambari Paradkar and Suhas Thakurdesai
    Aldyth Parle
    Ron and Berta Pecoraro
    Susan and William Porter
    William Ray
    Laura Reeve
    Mary Rose
    Lara Ruffolo
    San Francisco Giants
    Nicola Sandars
    Sankara Eye Foundation Volunteers
    Santa Clara Host Lions Club
    Michael Saro
    Charles and Norma Schlossman
    Edward and Carolyn Schulte
    Edward and Ann Schwabecher
    Ravi Shankar
    Carly Sherman
    Silicon Valley Bank Foundation
    Spansion Employee Giving Program
    Keith Stattenfield & Loretta Beavers
    Elsie N. Strickwerda
    Judith E. Svoboda
    Alejandro Jose Troccoli
    John and Marge Verga
    Gary and Sharon Vergho
    Wal-Mart Foundation
    Linda L. Watkins
    Wells Fargo Bank
    WFB Ohio – Foundation
    Kathleen and Lloyd Wilson
    Tracy & Jim Wingrove
    Yaowei & Xiaohui Jia Family Foundation
    Yogurt Works

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