Northside Library Fact Sheet

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Construction is almost complete on the Northside Library.  It was built under a $9.85M construction contract with Bogard Construction. It is 17,355 square feet and will be silver LEED certified. We are working on the delivery and installation of  furniture, technology, the book return system, books and other circulating materials. The Library is scheduled to open in late Summer 2014.


  • Collection – 50,000 items including books, audiobooks and movies, in addition to the ebooks and database content available online.
  • Community room – 2,000 square foot community room, located immediately to the left of the entrance, will be available for community groups as well as library programming
  • Four small group study areas
  • Computer workstations and wifi available throughout building
  • Modern design that blends in with the existing community and features pleasant use of colors
  • Public art selected to be representative of the local community

Library patrons will be able to come to the large programming space for summer reading programs and educational programs throughout the year. The convenient location next to the school, park, restaurants and grocery stores will make this a very popular and well utilized library.

We’re extremely fortunate that the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends currently has sufficient funds for the construction costs and initial collection of the new library. This means we can enjoy a beautiful facility with a basic collection of books, magazines, newspapers, CDs and DVDs that will get the library off to a great start.

The Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends had been engaging in a fundraising campaign to support future library needs. Over $100,000 has been donated by individuals in the community.

For more information, contact us at (408) 615-2987.

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Northside Library Floor Plan

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