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The Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends is leading the City of Santa Clara’s Mission Library Campaign. Our vision is to restore the library to its place of prominence as the heart of our community, a gathering place providing essential programs and resources that enrich the lives of our ever-evolving population while retaining the 60 years of rich history encompassing the library and the Old Quad.

The Mission Library Campaign’s renovation project will create an environment that facilitates interaction, creativity, innovation, learning, and new access to resources and information. The three components that comprise the campaign’s renovation project include facility upgrades, program enhancement, and a long-term program and building fund.


The cost of renovating the Mission Library including facility upgrades, program enhancement, and a sustainable resource plan is $4.1 million. Of that total, the City of Santa Clara has committed $3.8 million dollars to provide the foundation of the funding required for the large-scale facility upgrades.

The Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends is grateful to the City of Santa Clara for its long-time commitment to our libraries and to revitalizing the Old Quad Neighborhood. The goal of the Campaign is to raise an additional $300,000; $150,000 for upgrades to the facility’s furnishings and fixtures to support a more interactive and modern space, $50,000 to cover the expansion of programs to mirror a new community, and $100,000 to ensure the long-term funding of programs and technology.


The City of Santa Clara has already committed more than half the funding needed to upgrade the facilities to meet state safety and environmental codes. In addition, the layout of the library will be transformed to support a more vibrant and modern library for our current and the next generation of learners.

In addition to the facility upgrades the Mission library will be upgrading its staffig with <x> full time librarians, which will allow it to be open <x> days a week with regular hours of <hours>!


The Santa Clara City Library will establish programs that provide a diverse range of subjects and resources that engage and inspire our multiple constituencies. Examples of these programs may include:


●      Reading programs for preschool and elementary age children, including specific resources for children from families for whom English is not the primary language spoken at home

●      Programs and resources that support and supplement Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Art and Design in the Santa Clara schools

●      Educational and study skills resources for high school and college students

●      Concerts and cultural events for the whole family


●      Adult literacy programs

●      Home repair and maintenance workshops for those who live in some of our area’s more historic homes

●      Courses that teach communication skills, providing increased confidence for those seeking employment and increased participation in our community

●      Cooking classes for those who wish to explore better nutrition and use of organic foods


●      Classes for older adults who may need help navigating finances, medical care and other issues

●      Concerts, cultural events and films

●      Access to and support of technology including computers and Wi-Fi


●      Classes and resources for adults for whom English is not their primary language

●      Workshops providing information about local culture and resources for immigrants

While the list above represents the types of programs we want to bring to the Mission Library, The Santa Clara City Library will actively seek input from our neighbors to identify and implement programs that best meet the needs of our community.


As the support required by our ever-growing community changes, and as technology brings additional opportunities, it is critical that the Mission Library is able to continue to allocate funding to keep pace with these developments and ensure that rich, community-centric programming continues for many years to come.

How can I help?

Donations are always welcome!  The SCCLFF is a 501(c)3 charity and most donations are tax deductible.

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