Library’s Wish List

Library’s Wish List

Although the City of Santa Clara provides funding for basic library services to the community, the library seeks private contributions for special projects. If you would like to help fund any of the projects listed below, please contact Tracy Wingrove at (408)615-2936.

  • Your $20 donation adds one new DVD to the library’s collection
    • We would like to add 500 new titles this year!
      The demand for educational and popular movie DVDs continues to increase, so we need your help to expand the library’s collection. A $10,000 donation will purchase all 500 DVDs. 500 donations of $20 each will work, too. This is a great chance to give your library a lot of help without giving up a lot of your money.
  • Legos for the Northside Lego Club
    • If you have Legos you or your kids have outgrown, please consider donating them to the Northside Lego Club.  Please contact Angela at

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