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It's Adult Literacy Awareness Month!

It’s Adult Literacy Awareness Month!

It is a gift we often take for granted- the gift of reading. Can you imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have it? It is not just that the world of books would be closed to us- what about menus, forms, medicine labels, birthday cards, or notes from a child’s teacher?  It […]

A big thanks to all of our donors at this time of year

A big thanks to all of our donors at this time of year

including, most recently, Teresa O’Neill, for the gift of a four HP laptops and a color laser-printer to our Read Santa Clara adult literacy program.   If you’d like to make a donation, you can do it online by clicking here, or by sending in a check to “Santa Clara Library Foundation”, to 2635 Homestead […]

It’s Fun! – Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #1

“Overall, I find it just plain fun to be a Read Santa Clara tutor. It’s fun to meet and get to know new people – your learner, other tutors, the Read Santa Clara Staff. It’s fun to learn new things in the orientation and training about how to help adults read and write better. It’s […]

“Inspiring & Rewarding” – Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #2

“Every adult literacy learner I’ve met or heard about inspires me. They come from all walks of life and socio-economic backgrounds. Of course, some are non-native English speakers from other countries. One learner in the program was a physician from China who read and spoke English fluently but had never really learned to write it. […]

“The Joy of Discovery” – Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #3

“As mentioned in my previous post, I’m currently using my learner’s resume as one source of word practice for our sessions. In particular, we’re working with a number of regular verbs to understand how the verbs change depending on whether you are talking about something that happens today versus something that happened yesterday. As my […]

“Practical, Learner-Centered Approach” — Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #4

“One of the great things about being an literacy tutor is helping other adults reach their literacy goals based on their specific needs and interests. Here are just a FEW examples:  Read labels on over-the-counter and prescription drugs.  Read product names and labels in a supermarket.  Read a recipe.  Read to own children or grandchildren. […]

“Super Read Santa Clara Staff” — Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #5

“Two Read Santa Clara Staff are at the hub of the adult literacy program. They are the first people that prospective learners and tutors meet when attending their respective orientations. They match learners with tutors. They assess each learner’s literacy level and ask each learner to identify his or her literacy goals, sharing that info […]

“Excellent Tutor Resources” — Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #6

“In addition to the handbook and notebook supplied with the Tutor Training, the Read Santa Clara staff and Santa Clara libraries also provide many other resources. For example, each library features an Adult New Reader section which includes a selection of books, some with audio supplements, as well simplified newspapers with worksheets. The Read Santa […]

“Flexible Hours” — Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #7

“As a volunteer tutor, you let the Read Santa Clara staff know what days and times you are available to meet. You are only matched with learners who can meet at one of the times you have available. Have a vacation coming up or need to be out town during one of your regularly scheduled […]