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Thanks Intel!

Thanks Intel!

Thanks to all the folks at Intel who came out to record children’s books onto the AnyReader pens! We got many books recorded to help out this wonderful program.

Inspiring Women at the Library

Assemblymember Kansen Chu honored two of Santa Clara City Library’s best last month. Shanti Bhaskaran and Karen Masada were recognized as Inspirational Women on March 10th. They are two key people in Read Santa Clara, the library’s adult literacy program. Without them, events like In Our Own Words would not be possible. They do great things […]

Celebrating New Readers

Celebrating New Readers

It was so heartwarming to see all the new adult readers perform on Saturday afternoon – to read things that they’ve written. We are so proud of them and all their hard work!  

In Our Own Words

In Our Own Words

  Publishing In Our Own Words every year is almost a rite of passage. We fund it every year through your donations. What is it? Read Santa Clara is the library’s Adult Literacy Program. In Our Own Words is a book of short works written by people who are in the program. We’ll celebrate the […]

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa…

Read Santa Clara and the Mission Library have a display of letters to Santa in the trophy case at City Hall. It is adorable! It includes this gem: And this one, which might put a little dust in your eye: Donate today so we can help more kids write letters to Santa!

Nora Roberts Reflects on the Gift of Literacy

Like us, well-known author Nora Roberts believes in the power of literacy.  Check out her post at Nora Roberts on Literacy We are passionate about adult literacy.  The Foundation & Friends is a major funder of Read Santa Clara, our Library’s adult literacy program.  For more information about Read Santa Clara, see Read Santa Clara.  […]

Read Santa Clara Celebrates 20 Years

Read all about it at

It's Adult Literacy Awareness Month!

It’s Adult Literacy Awareness Month!

It is a gift we often take for granted- the gift of reading. Can you imagine what life would be like if you didn’t have it? It is not just that the world of books would be closed to us- what about menus, forms, medicine labels, birthday cards, or notes from a child’s teacher?  It […]

A big thanks to all of our donors at this time of year

A big thanks to all of our donors at this time of year

including, most recently, Teresa O’Neill, for the gift of a four HP laptops and a color laser-printer to our Read Santa Clara adult literacy program.   If you’d like to make a donation, you can do it online by clicking here, or by sending in a check to “Santa Clara Library Foundation”, to 2635 Homestead […]

It’s Fun! – Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #1

“Overall, I find it just plain fun to be a Read Santa Clara tutor. It’s fun to meet and get to know new people – your learner, other tutors, the Read Santa Clara Staff. It’s fun to learn new things in the orientation and training about how to help adults read and write better. It’s […]