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Anish Saha (2nd - HS), Jacqueline He (1st- HS), Sofia Kritikopoulos (3rd-HS), Ziana Deen (Grand Prize), Emma Mustovic (3rd _MS), Jamie Dy (1st -MS), Brandon Yan (2nd -MS), and Akshitha Venguideshe (Honorable Mention-MS). Alisha Khieu (Honorable Mention-HS) is not pictured.

Congratulations to the Teen Writing Contest Winners!

Congratulations to all the winners of the library’s teen writing contest! Our Teen librarians put this contest together as part of Teen Read Week, and the Friends & Foundation provided the prizes. You can read the winning stories here. We’re proud to support the library and all their programs. This is one of the many […]

Francisco Jimenez talk!

We are super-excited to let you know that Francisco Jimenez, author of The Circuit, is speaking at the library on Monday evening! He has a new book out, Taking Hold, and he’ll be talking about that book in the Redwood Room at 7pm in the Central Park Library.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet a […]

Supporting the ESL Book Clubs

Supporting the ESL Book Clubs

We are proud to support the ESL Book Clubs at the Santa Clara City Library! If you’re part of a book club, you know the struggle to find a copy – any copy! – of your monthly book. The Foundation & Friends will be buying extra copies of the books for the library’s ESL book […]

Countdown to Mission Library's 60th Anniversary

Countdown to Mission Library’s 60th Anniversary

The Mission Library will celebrate its 60th anniversary on October 17th, with an all-day program featuring a magic show, a banjo band, fun activities, crafts and more! In anticipation, they’re hosting a series of events over the next month. They hosted Native American dancers on September 2nd: Last weekend, it was the Ballet Folklorio Mexicano […]

Giving back to the library and eating chocolate

Giving back to the library and eating chocolate

Our Annual Chocolate Party was earlier this week. The Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends takes the money from our book sales, and gives a set amount to special projects to the library. We announce what those projects are to the library at the Chocolate Party. It’s a great way for all the friends, […]

Some summer reading numbers

Some summer reading numbers

The Santa Clara City Library Friends & Foundation supports the Santa Clara Library’s summer reading program. They had great growth in the program this year – 15% more people signed up, and 14% more people finished. Additionally, participants read over 52,000 books! That’s 17 books per reader – just amazing. Thanks to all the patrons […]

The Countdown to Mission Library's 60th Anniversary Begins

The Countdown to Mission Library’s 60th Anniversary Begins

Mission Library will be celebrating its 60th anniversary, 60 days from today: Saturday, Oct 17, 10 am- 2 pm. We have several exciting programs at Mission Library planned leading up to the 60th Anniversary. We had a great start today, with an audience of 125 parents and young children attending Sean Mendelson’s Musical Playtime this morning. […]