Daily at the Friends Bookstore

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Located in the Santa Clara Central Library, at 2635 Homestead Road in Santa Clara, the bookstore is generally open 7 days a week when the library itself is open.

Staffed by volunteers, the bookstore generally opens soon after the library opens and closes 30 minutes before the library. The store offers a good selection of adult and children fiction and non-fiction.  Many books are priced at 50 cents and $1.00.

Note: The bookstore will not be open if a volunteer is not available for a given shift.

There is now a book alcove located at the Northside Library just to your right as you walk in the main entrance.  Purchases can be made at the front desk.

Mission Library has a cart of books for sale.  Purchases can be made at the front desk.

Want a larger selection of books? Come to our Saturday Sales!

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