What about the Fall grants?

In the better late than never category, we funded some grants last fall! What were they? (Hint, you’ve probably seen some of them already!) Well…

  • Children’s Reading Patio Upgrades
  • Renew your love at the Library
  • VR Mural Artists Demonstration
  • ESL Book Club
  • Adult Trivia Nights
  • Repair Cafe & Sustainability Fair
  • Winter Reading Bingo
  • Art After Dark/Drawn to the Night
  • Escape Room Prizes
  • Murder Mystery October
  • Children’s Short Fiction Contest
  • Girls Who Code T-shirts
  • Teen Outreach
  • Early Literacy Parenting Programs
  • Games Collection
  • Classic Board Game Event
  • Mission Branch Programs
  • Cultural Enrichment, including Spanish language
  • Art for Northside’s Children’s Area
  • Northside Outreach
  • Cook Book Club
  • Northside Night of Illusions
  • Higher Level Educational Programs
  • Parenting Programs at Northside
  • Teen Art Wall
  • Book-athalon and Mental-athalon
  • New Wireless Hotspots

These events, classes, and resources are all made possible from the money we raise by selling books! So please keep your book donations coming, and especially keep shopping at our bookstore, monthly book sale, and patio sales!

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