Support SCCLFF with your year-end donation

One of the programs we are able to help support along with Santa Clara Rotary is the Steps 4 Success program.

This event happens near the beginning of the school year, and it gives children shoes, socks, goodie bags, and their favorite books!

We usually give the kids a choice of one book. This time I handed out maybe 5 extra books to parents who were leaving with a little sadness in their hearts because they recalled a book from their childhood that their own child didn’t pick. Their faces LIT UP! Yay! Success! One lady left with tears in her eyes. She was truly happy. – Hilda Lopez, Librarian

If you have not yet donated to the Foundation & Friends, there’s still time! Your donation helps the library reach out to the community even more.

Your gift of $50 could buy supplies for one crafting class. Your gift of $100 could support a board games night. Your gift of $500 could support a children’s short-fiction contest. While we ask you to make the most generous donation you can, donations of any size make a difference!

Please donate today. Your gift creates brighter futures. Without you, nothing we do would be possible.

Thanks for all you do!

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