Giving out backpacks and school supplies

Every year, the Family Literacy program gives out backpacks, school supplies, and books to children who need them. This year we were able to partner with Family Giving Tree to continue with the program.

These adorable girls got books.


She got a backpack and supplies for her children.


She is all ready for school!


There’s always a program when we hold these events. This particular program was about healthy eating and they read Stone Soup. A great pairing!


Additionally, we wanted to share one more story that doesn’t have a picture to accompany it. We had an extra backpack available and we were able to give it to an older sibling who was starting community college this month. She was so excited to get one that she gave our volunteer a hug!

Buying school supplies seems like such an easy thing, but it’s not for everyone. Thanks for your generosity to make sure all these kids have what they need for a successful school year!

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