Introducing the Arabic collection and storytimes

You’ve definitely heard of the Girl Scouts, but have you heard of the Silver Award? The Girls work towards a self-sustaining project to benefit the community. Santa Clara City Library was thrilled to be able to help girls from one local troop improve our library. Below is the letter from their project supervisor to the library.

I feel the need to let you know about the improvement my community has made recently with SCCL. I will give the credit for that to our dear friend Erin Ulrich. It all started when I was supervising a Girls Scout silver award project. The girls that I am supervising wanted to start an Arabic library because they noticed a need for that in the community.

I talked to the SCCL and ended up leaving a message at Erin’s phone number. She replied back in most supportive way possible. We have been working together since that day and achieved so much. The addition of the Arabic books at SCCL has been greatly appreciated by our community members. The Arabic Day, announcing the official opening of the Arabic section, was a great success. The Arabic story times that we have done so far have found a nice crowd.

This all could not be possible without the positive communication with Erin. She is very easy to work with, always open to our suggestions, and trying to help in every way possible. What is really outstanding in Erin is not just her acceptance, but her appreciation of our differences. She sees this as a way to unity and tolerance.

I have to say that our relationship was Erin has made a huge impact on empowering the girls in our community. We are truly grateful for the time and effort she put in the past months to move us forward. She went well above and beyond our expectations.

Congratulations to Erin, to the girls on their Silver Award, and to the library for benefiting from such a great project!

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