Appreciative Patrons

We’re always happy to share the library’s success stories!

Sometimes, it’s just as easy as having a quiet place to study:

Just five minutes ago another one of our patrons shared his success story. He said the reason we haven’t seen him since February because he passed his real estate exam. He said he had been studying at Northside for 4 hours everyday for several months and now he is working in a real estate office in South San Jose. Libraries really do transform lives!

And sometimes it’s the librarians’ help that makes it possible:

[A patron] approached the Reference Desk and happily told Mark and Jenny that he just received a very nice job offer.

[He] said, “Librarians gave me guidance on the computer, helped me submit job application, gave me pointers that helped me land a great job.”

He obtained a local federal government job that doubled his salary.

We are so happy that libraries in general and the Santa Clara City Library specifically make such a difference in people’s lives!

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