Santa Clara City Library wins the CLA PRExcellence award for the second year in a row

The Foundation & Friends would like to congratulate the Library on winning its second CLA PRExcellence award in two years! They won the 2017 award for their 2016 Comic Con!

From the press release:

In September 2016, more than eight thousand visitors descended on Santa Clara City’s Central Park Library to attend the library’s first ever comic convention. Sponsored by the Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends, the comic con presented a unique opportunity for the library to highlight the important role that graphic novels, comics, and art play in inspiring literacy and creativity at every age.

In addition to panels featuring star guests like Emmy Award-winning producer of Star Wars Rebels Dave Filoni and Pixar storyboard artist Le Tang, the event offered comic-themed crafts for all ages, digital and retro gaming, and a showcase of Bay Area artists, costumers, and creators. Local businesses like Illusive Comics and Tatsu Hobby, as well as other Santa Clara City departments, came together to help the library mix education and pop culture in this fun and popular event that made the excitement of comic conventions accessible to all members of our diverse community.

We are proud to have sponsored this great event, and congratulations to the library!

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