Celebrating Ruth Colvin and Adult Literacy

Read Santa Clara co-hosted a celebration of Ruth Colvin to help promote adult literacy in mid-March. It was a wonderful event – so heartwarming!

Ruth is 100 and is an impressive woman.
Ruth Colvin with Chairs

“Being brought up in a one-parent family during tough times, she taught me that all jobs big and small must be done in top quality, that budgets must be kept, money saved for the future, and it’s never too late to get the best education,” Colvin said. “I didn’t complete my own bachelor’s degree in college (a degree in Business Administration from Syracuse University) until I was in my 40s. Now I have nine honorary doctorates.”
Ruth Colvin Speaking

Adult literacy is such a big deal – we had a panel of 3 people who learned to read as adults, to talk about what it’s like to learn a fundamental skill as an adult.
Ruth Colvin and Literacy Panel

Ruth’s passion comes through as she signs a book.
Ruth Colvin and Learner

Here’s Ruth with City Librarian Hilary Keith.
Ruth Colvin and Hilary Keith

The Santa Clara Weekly profiled Ruth more thoroughly, and I encourage you to read that article.

We are so proud to support Read Santa Clara!

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