The library is the place to be

Did you see the Santa Clara City Library in the Merc this weekend? There were lots of great quotes about all the wonderful things that the library does, including support from the Foundation & Friends:

These expanded programs are accomplished partly through city funding, but generously supplemented by “friends of the library” foundations, plus grants, volunteers and partnerships. In Oakland, the library works with AARP tax specialists to offer tax-prep assistance, and with pro bono attorneys from the Alameda County Law Library to offer free legal consultations each week. Mountain View partners with the YMCA for fitness classes with beginner-level strength training. Santa Clara brings in Silicon Valley tech innovators to inspire young people in STEM programs (science, technology, engineering and math).

“Our city is so supportive of the library,” Sims says. “We spend city resources on books and staff and core programs, but it’s our Foundation and Friends support that allows us to do the extras. They know our communities are really thirsty for different, enriching real-life experiences.”

We wouldn’t be able to support our library without people like who, who donate their books, shop at our book store, become Friends of the library, come to Librarypalooza, or simply donate. Thank you so much for helping our library become such a thriving, vibrant place!

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