A quiet place to study can change a life

One of the best parts of my job is learning how the library changes people’s lives. This is a story that’s a couple of years old, but shows how Santa Clara City Library makes a difference, just by existing.

The quiet study room upstairs is changing people’s lives. I know an gal, Indian dentist, married the man who bought a restaurant across the street. She worked there and escaped here every afternoon to study to go to a US Dental School. They sold the restaurant, she came all the time. She flunked the test, spent another year studying. After two years, she got in. She just got her dental degree from UOP last week, and is now a US dentist. How many of her are there here? They don’t use our materials or programs, but their lives are changed by having a place to study.

Isn’t that wonderful? Hearing and sharing these stories is one of my favorite things.

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