Help us help you

Emotions are running high after this week’s presidential election, and there is a lot of uncertainty about how the next few years will play out. Nonprofits are the people who work to solve society’s problems, and no one is sure what will happen.

But we do know that you support your library. You check out books and movies, you attend the library’s programs – big ones like Comic Con and smaller ones like the Fuddles and Puddles author visit – you buy books at our sales, you donate at the Librarypalooza, and you are our lifeline.

Our annual appeal letter will be in your mailbox next week, and we encourage you to donate during these uncertain times to ensure that your library will be as strong as ever. You can donate online today, or wait until you get the letter next week to mail in your check.

We at the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends will continue to work for everyone in our thriving and diverse community.

Thank you for your support.

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