From photography lights to a job

Awhile back, we used the money we raised from our book sales to buy some photography lights for our Northside branch library. They use them for lots of programs, including having a professional photographer take photos for library patrons’ LinkedIn profiles.

One of our librarians heard back from one of those patrons:

How are you? I hope all is well with you. I wanted to drop this line to share my excitement of my new position. I’ve been here a month. And it’s in part because of the great opportunity you & the library afforded me to have my photo taken for LinkedIn and other professional use. I was working a temporary assignment here in Sacramento and had fairly recently added all of my other temp work in Sacramento, so between making my presence known in Sacramento and having a professional photo, I was contacted by a recruiter to interview for a permanent job. And guess what happened? I was offered the job on the spot after the interview. How beautiful is that? Thanks again for offering the opportunity, for your photographer staffer’s time, equipment & experience, and for helping me get the time frame I needed to work with the job I had at the time when you offered the photos. It truly helped me get the stability I had been seeking for 8 years. Thanks. Sincerely, Gisele

How awesome is that?! You helped make that happen by donating and/or buying books from us. Thank you!

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