Congratulations Angela!

Congratulations to Angela Ocana, one of the amazing librarians at Northside! She is the first-ever recipient of the California Library Association’s Young Adult Services Award. She won because (these are her manager’s words):

She exceeds the criteria through her out-of-the-box programs including Teen Chopped Champions, Cupcake Wars, STEM Bowl, and epic nerf war battles. She is passionate about libraries and it shows through her ability to be the “embedded librarian” in our Teen Room everyday in the afternoon when the teens come to the library. Trust me, the staff and I know names, faces, and who is dating whom through Angela. She is our TMZ to the teens! She makes it look easy but we know she’s got a difficult job.

We are proud that she was recognized for her above-and-beyond contribution. The next time you’re at Northside, congratulate her!

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