What is the Golden Paddle? How do you use it?

This is the last week of preparations for Lollapalooza! Everything is getting finalized, and we are getting excited.

golden paddle

One thing that sometimes causes confusion at the Lollapalooza is the Golden Paddle. So, let us answer a few questions about it!

What is The Golden Paddle?
The Golden Paddle is a $500 credit only good during our live auction. So, if you want to buy that fabulous cooking class from Yan Can Cook, this is a free $500 credit to put towards that.*

Who gets The Golden Paddle?
We sell raffle tickets up until right before the drawing. We choose one of those raffle tickets, and the winner gets the Golden Paddle!

When do you get the raffle tickets?
You can buy your tickets at the Love Our Library Lollapalooza on February 27 at 6:30. You can register online until noon on Saturday!

* Please note: the Golden Paddle is not good in the raise-a-paddle pledge part of the program.

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