11 Cocktail Party Worthy Facts about Santa Clara City Library

The library keeps pretty close track of how their facilities get used – they are a public institution, after all! Here are the latest statistics:

  1. 1,132,723 people visited the library
  2. 26,937 children enjoyed the library
  3. 16,039 children borrowed something from the library
  4. There were 137,625 sessions on public computers
  5. 373 programs were presented to children at the library
  6. There were 1,474,277 “virtual” visits to the library’s website
  7. Reference librarians answered 150,192 questions
  8. 21,071 pre-schoolers attended library programs
  9. 2,491,553 items circulated
  10. 82,006 foreign-language books were checked out
  11. The library was open 55 hours per week

We serve a big community, and y’all are very active library users!

All statistics are for the 2014-2015 fiscal year.

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