Rotarians Lend a Hand at the Library

Rotary volunteers

The Rotary Club of Santa Clara stepped up to help us move 7,500 books to a new location last Saturday! They arrived at the Library on Saturday bright and early and in good spirits, even though the service elevator was broken. They loaded the book carts full of books, moved them to their new location and re-shelved them, keeping them in order.

  • Suresh Ojha shared, “My child learned to read at this library.”
  • Don Skinner reminisced about going to the Mission branch.  “We used to ride our bikes over to the Library when I was a kid.”
  • C.J. Grewal remembered spending a lot of time with his kids at the Library when they were young.  We used to bring them to the library all the time,” he said.
  • For St.  Justin School Principal Karen Suty, “The Library is a vibrant and important part of our school community.  Our students are actively involved in Library programs and utilize the Library on a regular basis.”

Thanks Santa Clara Rotary for all your help!

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