Giving back to the library and eating chocolate

Our Annual Chocolate Party was earlier this week. The Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends takes the money from our book sales, and gives a set amount to special projects to the library. We announce what those projects are to the library at the Chocolate Party. It’s a great way for all the friends, volunteers, and staff to get together to celebrate what we do!


The Chocolate Party is a potluck – and people make some delicious treats!



We had a games theme this year. Lona, our resident decorator, did an amazing job!

There are going to be lots of amazing things happening at all our libraries (Central Park, Northside, and Mission) over the next year that the Foundation & Friends helped make possible. We’ll be adding technology to the library, supporting a winter reading program, bringing STEM programs to the library, and more!


The head of the literacy program at Mission Library thanking us for funding printing the In Our Words book, writings from our ESL community.

We’re happy to have raised the money we did. Please stop by the bookstore, buy a book from us off Amazon, or come to a Saturday sale to help fund future projects!

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