White Estate Makes Generous Gift to Library

Joanne White, a longtime Santa Clara resident and employee of Kaiser Permanente Santa Clara, made a gift of $20,000 to our libraries in her estate.  She had used the Santa Clara libraries for over 35 years.  According to her trustee Alison White, she “believed in the freedom to read, educate, and inspire.  She felt those to be human rights and knew the public libraries were a vital key in providing those resources and more.  This is her way of saying thank you for all your facility had to offer and to help ensure it can continue it’s vital purpose in the Santa Clara community.”

Half of her gift will be used at Mission Library and its literacy programs, and the remainder will be divided evenly between the adult and children’s offerings at the Central Park Library.  We have just informed the librarians about the generous gift, and look forward to sharing some of the special things they will use the money for in future posts.

It is heartwarming to hear how well the Santa Clara City Library served Ms. White during her life, and we are honored she chose our library for such a generous gift.

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