Please join us this Sunday, 4/6 at 11am for a celebration at the Northside Library

As you may or may not have heard, the city council has resolved the funding issues that had stalled progress on the Santa Clara City Northside Library, and give the foundation the go ahead to resume construction and acquisition of media and materials.  The city and foundation are hoping to complete this work and hire new librarians and employees so that the library can open later this summer, 2014.  For more information, see the Santa Clara Weekly article on the city council meeting.

So, please join us for a celebration at the Northside Library, at 695 Moreland Way, Santa Clara.  We’ll have a couple speeches and otherwise distribute information about our future plans, we’ll all sign a few “Save Our Northside Library” t-shirts which will get put into a time capsule for the library grand opening, and otherwise celebrate this fabulous progress!

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