City Council approves plan to get Northside Library back on track!

The Santa Clara City Northside Branch library.At the Santa Clara City Council meeting this evening, the council unanimously approved a motion to essentially allow the Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends to resume work on the Santa Clara Northside Library.  By exchanging some money with the city, we can get out from under the potential judicial stay on any money that could be part of the dissolution of California redevelopment agencies and begin the final part of the construction on the building, installing shelving and other interior improvements as well as ordering books and other materials for the library itself.

The actual opening date is still being determined, but the foundation is hoping it could be late summer at this point.

Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen — the city council members, Santa Clara city staff, various other local county and state staff, our foundation members, and every citizen of Santa Clara and elsewhere who made their hopes and desires known so that a good decision could be arrived at.

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