Northside Library: STILL NO NEWS, Kids’ Summer Reading becoming less likely

lib-012.jpgWhile we are able to confirm that the City, County, State and other taxing entities are still in negotiations about the Northside Library, the parties have not yet reached an agreement. It will take five months to fill the library with furniture, books and computers: if the parties donít settle by the end of the month, it is unlikely the library would be able to open by summer.

What you can do:

Sign a petition created by Moms from Rivermark, and repost the petition to your Facebook page.

Call or email the following politicians and ask them to work quickly to get the Northside settled!

  • County Supervisors:
    Ken Yeager, President
  • Mayor of Santa Clara Jamie Matthews:

    Telephone (office): (408) 615-2250
  • State Assemblymember Bob Wieckowski
    Tel: (510) 440-9030
  • State Department of Finance Staff Member Justyn Howard, Asst. Program Budget Manager
    (916) 445-1546
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