It’s Fun! – Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #1

“Overall, I find it just plain fun to be a Read Santa Clara tutor. It’s fun to meet and get to know new people – your learner, other tutors, the Read Santa Clara Staff. It’s fun to learn new things in the orientation and training about how to help adults read and write better. It’s fun to discover new resources the library has available for new adult readers and all its patrons. It’s fun to discover things you have in common with your learner that can serve as a basis for some of your lessons. It’s fun to watch your learner become more proficient each time you meet. It’s fun to share your joy of reading with others.” — Pam Leitterman, volunteer tutor

If you’d like to be a Santa Clara adult literacy tutor, get more information from here at the Santa Clara City Library website.

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