“Terrific Tutor Training!” — Reasons to be a Santa Clara Reads Volunteer, #9

“Read Santa Clara makes sure you’re well prepared to tutor with 10 hours of training BEFORE you’re matched with a learner, followed by a 2.5 hour workshop AFTER you’ve been meeting with your learner for a few sessions. The training is led by active, experienced tutors who know exactly what it is like to get started and follow through with adult literacy learners.

The training includes a mix of lecture, class discussion, small group exercises, and videos. The videos are excerpts of actual tutoring sessions so you can see how some of the suggested techniques actually work. The class materials are immensely practical and well organized in a loose leaf notebook to which you’ll find yourself referring often, both in class and in prepping for your actual tutoring sessions. At the training, each tutor is also provided with a copy of LitStart, an excellent reference book of strategies for adult literacy and ESL tutors. There is a modest price of $20 for the tutor training which covers the cost of training materials.” — Pam Lietterman, volunteer tutor

If you’d like to be a Santa Clara adult literacy tutor, get more information from here at the Santa Clara City Library website.

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