Judging A Book By Its Cover

The following was written by Kim Wulfhorst, a Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends volunteer.

 I was sitting in the Santa Clara City Library Foundation and Friends’ (SCCLFF) Bookstore where I volunteer by selling used books. I began to wonder about the phrase “You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.” I said to myself, “Why not?” I understand that we should not judge things or people by their outwards appearance. However, in a used bookstore, one of the best ways to pick a book is to LOOK at the cover. Has it been well read? Have loving hands taken care of it even though it has had lots of use like Grandmother’s bible of old? The cover is a good indicator that the story was great read. Think about all those children’s books you read hundreds of times and may still have. That new book sitting on the bookshelf was probably given to you as a gift, thumbed through, and now collects dust. On the other hand, the used book with the worn spine tells me I can cuddle up with it in bed or relax reading it in front of the fire.

While I work in the bookstore, I am looking for the book which looks the most loved. Having the store at the library makes it very convenient and inexpensive to add special books to the book collection. I can purchase hardback novels for as little as  50¢! All proceeds help SCCLFF perform their mission of supplementing public funding to expand and enhance programs and services of the city’s library.

The bookstore’s items are donated by people who have weeded out unwanted books. In addition, the store receives CDs, DVDs, books on tape, videos, and all those textbooks from college. When I donate, I receive a tax deduction receipt which has helped increase my tax refund. For more information on the SCC library Foundation and Friends, see the website.

Please stop by the bookstore, say hello, browse the books, and if you have a novel you think I should read, please drop it by.



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