Project Best at Work

by Susan Baier

I have to say – I’ve always thought Project BEST was a great idea but I have a new appreciation for it after seeing it in action. It was kind of thrilling to watch people actually complete the food handler’s test and get the certification. You could tell they were relieved and proud. I was particularly moved by one participant. It was the first time she had ever touched a computer. I mean EVER. She thought the screen was a touch screen and had never used a mouse in her life. She wasn’t a senior citizen, either. Daniel (a tutor from Mission College) and I worked with her. By the end of the workshop, she had basic mouse skills (she could scroll!) and with guidance was able to log-in to the course. I’m telling you – it was a HUGE moment.

Thanks to all those involved in Project Best for your hard work. What you are doing impacts lives in a profound way.

Project Best is partially sponsored by the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends. Your donations at work!

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