Who pays the bill when you use a library in a community you don’t live in?

If you are like many people who use multiple libraries, or use a library close to work instead of close to home, the STATE BUDGET CUTS MAY AFFECT YOU.

The Santa Clara City Library serves tens of thousands of people who don’t live in Santa Clara. State Funds called “Transaction Based Reimbursement” (TBR) funding repaid Santa Clara $248,000 last year for providing more services to city outsiders than its residents used from outlying community libraries. Elimination of TBR funds creates an incentive for communities who are “net lenders” instead of net borrowers to stop extending service to nonresidents. For three decades, the TBR program has allowed California libraries to serve people regardless of the location of their residence. This program is now in jeopardy from proposed budget cuts.
The next hearing on this issue is February 7th in the assembly budget subcommittee. It only takes a few minutes to call, write, or fax your assembly representative. If you care that you can use libraries outside of your city/town, contact your state assembly representative TODAY.

To find out who your representative is, go to the “know your legislature” website. For more information, visit the California Library Association website.

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