Announcing: Childcare for Librarypalooza!

One of the awesome things we’re able to do this year for the first time is to offer offsite childcare during the Librarypalooza gala on February 4th. We’ve teamed up with the Santa Clara Parks & Recreation department to host Kids Rock – a Saturday night activity for kids in Kindergarten – 6th grade. Your children can have fun at their own event!

Kids Rock will be held at the Youth Activity Center at 2450 Cabrillo Ave; they’ll enjoy a special night of activities that include bounce house, arts and crafts, recreation games, pizza and punch, and YAC fun!! Athletic shoes and good attitudes are required! Pre-registration is required.

Register through the City of Santa Clara Parks and Recreation Class Registration Site. If you do not have an account, you must create one on the site. Once on the site, you can find the correct activity through a search of the activity number (8378) or a keyword search (kids rock).

Online registration goes live on December 6 for City of Santa Clara residents. Non-residents online registration starts on December 8.

We hope you’ll take advantage of this great opportunity!

You’re cordially invited…


Please join us for the 2017 Librarypalooza, honoring Judy and Jerome Nadler.

We’ll have live music, fun, a live auction (we’re adding items as it gets closer!), drinks, and delicious food provided by the Mission College Culinary Arts Program.

Date and Time:
February 4, 2017
6:30pm – 9:00pm

Santa Clara City Library
2635 Homestead Rd
Santa Clara, CA 95051

$50 per person on or before January 20, 2017
$60 per person after January 20, 2017

Register today!


Congratulations to the winner of the Teen Read Week Book Cover Contest!

Teen Read Week Book Cover Contest Finalists

Congratulations to Erika Hamauchi, an eighth grader, for her artistic cover of Rainbow Rowell’s book, Eleanor and Park! Erika won the grand prize, a $100 Visa Gift Card. She was one of seven middle and high school prize winners; everyone received a certificate of achievement and gift card.

The Book Cover Contest was held during Teen Read Week (October 9-15). The purpose of Teen Read Week is to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. For the contest, teens designed covers for their favorite books. Winners were announced at a reception held on Wednesday, November 16th. Entries were both hand drawn and digitally created. All were creative and original. The gift cards and reception were funded by an anonymous Friend of the Library.

Grand Prize Winner

Winning covers will be on display in Teen Central at Central Park Library through the month of December.

Frans Vischer visits the library

Frans Vischer signs a childs book - photo from Santa Clara Weekly

Frans Vischer signs a childs book – photo from Santa Clara Weekly

We’d like to thank Frans Vischer for coming to the library last month! The librarians and kids had a great time as he showed off his drawing talents, and, thanks to your donations, were able to give the first 35 attendees free copies of his books!

The Santa Clara Weekly wrote about his visit, including a short interview. You should read it, he’s lead a fascinating life.

We’re always happy to support author visits and other events.

The fall Jan Lieberman Concert

We welcomed the Ettinger family here for a performance as part of the Jan Lieberman concert series on November 13. It was a lovely afternoon filled with music and stories.

Steve Ettinger introduces a song.

The family performs.

The cellist performs.

As does the violinist.

And Jan, as always, enjoys it all.

Thanks to everyone who came! We hope you enjoyed it.

Family literacy activities at the HomeSafe Domestic Shelter

Ellin Klor, literacy volunteer extraordinaire, wrote up a piece about her work at the HomeSafe domestic violence shelter and their October activity.

But, it is during dinner that the real high point of the evening occurs. We have brought our apple peeler corer slicer tools, and everyone gets to peel their own apple. It’s old fashioned magic and a hands-on physics lesson. Shove the apple onto the prongs, turn the crank, and presto, your apple is simultaneously peeled, cored, and sliced into a beautiful spiral. The children’s jaws drop when I gently lift the apple so that they can see the spiral. And, I promise you, that’s the best tasting apple that you will ever eat.

Support the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends

I know the library is important to you, and I want to thank you for your support. Our three libraries mean so much to so many in our city. They’re not only places of learning and discovery, but also of acceptance and community. I want to share a story with you from one of our Northside librarians about one young library patron because it illustrates just what makes our libraries so special:

I met Mario at the Don Callejon Spring Fling the year before the Northside Library opened in 2014. Many months later when I began working at the Northside Library, I spotted Mario. He had quickly gained a reputation as a loud, annoying kid who had been asked to leave the Library on several occasions because of his disruptive behavior.

As a teen librarian, I was eager to get to know the kids who visited Northside Library. I was able to spend time every day with Mario and other teens who came to the library after school. They earned candy by answering tough trivia questions, played board games, hung out with their friends, and made a home out of what had been for so long a large empty building waiting to become a library. Over the course of the year, I got to know Mario and his friends pretty well.


On National Coming Out day this year, Mario told his father he was gay, a secret he had kept hidden the entire first year I knew him. His father was outraged, and Mario’s life got a lot tougher.

He posted on Facebook how life was treating him and how sad and depressed he was, but at the end of the post, he tried to think of the positive. He said that he felt like Harry Potter at the Dursley’s and wondered where his Hogwarts was. Then he said, “The closest thing would probably be the library, Alex is my Ron and Portia is my Hermione, and Angela Ocana can be my Dumbledore.”

Mario still makes the trek to Northside a few days a week even though he is now a sophomore at Santa Clara High, because he loves this library and the people in it. The Library has become a bastion of safety for this community of teens, a place to express themselves, and a second home.

Teens like Mario, who now serves on the Teen Library Council, volunteers at library events, and is adored by Library staff, need places like the Library as much as we need great kids like them to come through our doors.

Imagine yourself helping teens like Mario find a place that feels like home to them. Your year-end gift will allow more people to find their place at the Santa Clara City Library.

Your gift of $200 could buy craft supplies for up to four events. Your gift of $500 could support the ukulele club. Your gift of $1,000 could help supply the manga and graphic novels book club.

Please donate today. We ask you to make the most generous donation you can. Your gift transforms lives and creates brighter futures. Without you, happy endings like Mario’s wouldn’t be possible.

Thanks for all you do!

Say hi at Family Fun Day!


We’re going to be sharing a booth with the Library at the Family Fun Day and Closing Ceremonies for Sikh Awareness Month on December 3rd. Come on out and say hi!

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving! We hope you and yours are having a great day!

An ESL Thanksgiving

The proceeds from the book sales help fund, among other things, the Library’s weekly ESL club. They meet every Wednesday to talk about various topics and practice their English skills. Last week, though, they had Thanksgiving dinner.

There were turkey sandwiches, mashed potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie… the works! Not to mention the centerpiece.

It looks like everyone had a great time.

Thanks to everyone who came!