Join us for an ’80s Bash!

Join Central Park Library in celebrating the summer as it winds down… Sing your favorite 80s songs, beat the pants off your friends at trivia, try out virtual reality and more. This party should be a great time!

We hope to see you there!

Keep an eye out for Comic Con 2017…

Remember what a great time you had at Comic Con 2016? 

All the activities and panels there were?

How much fun you had?

Well, mark your calendars for Saturday October 7, 2017! The Library is planning its 2nd Annual Comic Con! Keep an eye on their website,, to see as people, events, crafts, and more get added to the schedule.

We can’t wait!

How well do you know your trivia?

The Library hosted an 80s trivia night last week, as part of the Adult Summer Reading program. There was a great turn out!

The top three teams won gift cards to Books, Inc, our local independent bookstore.

Fingers crossed that they’ll get to host more events like this one in the future!

Outreach and Keychains

We enjoy sponsoring all the outreach activities the library does in the community. These are a couple of photos from the Library’s 4th of July booth at Central Park, where over 1300 people visited the booth, coloring and making keychains, along with signing up for Summer Reading!

What a great way to get out into the community and get people involved in their library!

We updated the donor wall!

donor wall 2017

A huge thanks to everyone who’s ever donated to the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends! We recently updated our donor wall with all our donors who’ve donated $300 or more dollars to us over time (and wish to be recognized, of course).

Come down to Central Park Library and take a look to see if you know anyone on the list!

Help the Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends by shopping at Amazon!

Did you know you can support Santa Clara City Library Foundation & Friends by shopping at Amazon? It’s true! Shop for great deals at (especially tomorrow on Prime Day). You get a bargain and we benefit too.

Mini pinatas and teens

Check out these adorable mini-pinatas that our teens made out of cereal boxes! They’re adorable, especially that taco. Mmmmm…. tacos…

2nd Annual Teen Pride Program

Last Friday, the Library held its second annual Teen Pride program at Northside. The plan is to alternate between the Northside and Central Park locations. Santa Clara is a diverse community and it was very gratifying to offer a program that recognizes that diversity. The program was intended as a safe space for all teens to hang out, eat an enormous amount of pizza (!), do crafts, and socialize. Approximately 50 teens, including regular Northside and Central patrons, ones that just come out during summer, and some who had never ever been to a library program, came together. There was lots of giggling, crafts, and general merriment. You can see what a great time they had from the photos attached. It was truly an awesome program!

Outreach during the Silicon Valley BBQ Championships

The Library had a team out at the Silicon Valley BBQ championships last week. They had over 830 patrons come visit their booth. Patrons enjoyed playing plinko and making rainbow scratch bookmarks. Forty-three people signed up for summer reading, even!

SCCLFF is proud to support the library’s efforts to reach out to even more people in Silicon Valley.

ESL Potluck

Last week, Central Library’s ESL Book Club had a potluck lunch to bid farewell to one of their long-term volunteers. She graduated college and is starting her full time career!

Look at these bright, shining faces.

Everyone loves cake!

The focus is on the salad, but look at those egg rolls. Mmm, egg rolls….

Potato salad: everyone’s favorite.

We are proud to support the ESL Book Club, the language skills it gives its members, and the community it creates. A huge thanks to Jenny, the librarian who makes it all happen!