Yoga for all ages

Your mind lives in your body, so a healthy body is a healthy mind, right? At least that’s how I convince myself to go running.

Our librarians think so too. That’s why they offered Yoga for All Ages classes this summer at the library. This allows the parents to find time to get their exercise in and the kids get their wiggles out in a constructive way.

Can you imagine having the weight of your child to help you stretch just a little further?


Or reaching out to touch your child whilst balancing on one knee?


These classes would not have happened without the money we raise in book sales from the Friends of the Library book store or our monthly book sales. Thank you so much for shopping so we can support this and more at the library!

Learning about oceans

Over the summer, we hosted a huge class aimed at children and their families to teach everyone about the oceans. Oceans Rock is a great program that gives kids hands-on fun and learning about things like sharks and other ocean animals and how oceans work.


They teach kids how to dig for fossils.


And who doesn’t love shark jaws and starfish?


This is just one science class that was funded via our book sales. All proceeds from the Friends of the Library Book Store and our monthly book sales go towards making the Santa Clara City Library an even better place!

Monthly Book Sale Tomorrow

Our September Book Sale is tomorrow in the Margie Edinger, Sycamore, and Friends Rooms at the Central Park Library! We’ll also have books for sale on the patio all weekend while the Art & Wine festival is happening. Please keep an eye out for our red carts!

All proceeds from these sales go towards bringing classes, events, and resources to the Santa Clara City Library. Your shopping makes the library a better place.

Children’s Summer Reading Winners!

Reading is their Super Power! A huge thanks to the Library for its Summer Reading Program, which keeps kids reading all summer long. Over 3000 children and 1000 teens signed up for the program this year and they read over 37,000 books!

For those of you who are curious, that’s about 9 books per under-18-year-old. (Kids who read 6+ books over the summer are less likely to lose reading skills while school is out.) That’s awesome!

Just look at these poised young ladies picking up their reading prizes.


And these kids showing off their best power poses!


Thanks to KeyPoint Credit Union, Mission City Community Fund, and people like you for contributing to another awesome summer full of books!

Mother’s Day Tea Party

Another program we were able to fund from book sales was a Mother’s Day Tea Party! It’s always nice to honor mothers and all that they do.

The presentation was adorable.


Look at how happy this family is!


Thanks so much for shopping at our Friends of the Library Book Store and at our monthly Saturday Sales! This is one of the programs that wouldn’t happen without you.

No holiday craft faire

There will be no Holiday Craft Faire this year at the library. We do not anticipate bringing it back in future years. Thanks for understanding.

Children’s Poetry Contest

Check out the bright shining faces of the winners of our Children’s Poetry Contest! This was one of the activities that was funded via book sales and our volunteers.

If you’d like to see more activities like this one, shop at the Friends of the Library Book Store in the lobby of the Central Park Library or visit our monthly book sale coming up on September 16!

Thanks DC!

The folks planning the upcoming Comic Con reached out to DC to ask them for some giveaways, things they could use at the upcoming event. Last week, this arrived:


Needless to say, it was WAY more than they were expecting. Thanks so much to DC! We hope to see you at Comic Con on October 7th!

Giving out backpacks and school supplies

Every year, the Family Literacy program gives out backpacks, school supplies, and books to children who need them. This year we were able to partner with Family Giving Tree to continue with the program.

These adorable girls got books.


She got a backpack and supplies for her children.


She is all ready for school!


There’s always a program when we hold these events. This particular program was about healthy eating and they read Stone Soup. A great pairing!


Additionally, we wanted to share one more story that doesn’t have a picture to accompany it. We had an extra backpack available and we were able to give it to an older sibling who was starting community college this month. She was so excited to get one that she gave our volunteer a hug!

Buying school supplies seems like such an easy thing, but it’s not for everyone. Thanks for your generosity to make sure all these kids have what they need for a successful school year!

Learning to read

So much of what we do goes toward literacy, especially family literacy. The above video shows how not being able to read affects someone’s life. That’s why Read Santa Clara is so important.

September is National Literacy Month – help us celebrate everyone’s ability to read.